A880 Smoke-10pc Lg, 20pc


This item is discontinued and we do not have any left.
However, it may still be available at stores. See store locator.

, +/- 0 yards

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Please note: This yarn comes
in the form of a each.

A880 Smoke-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

M1 Silver-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm
No longer available

M23 Mauve-10/lg,20/sm-Open Boxes

M65 Khaki-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

M67 Navy-10/lg,20/sm Open Boxes

M69 Brown-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm
No longer available

M70 Burgundy-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm
No longer available

M73 Plum-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

M74 Gold-10 lg/20 Sm

M76 Copper Metallic-10 lg/20 sm

M9 Red-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

MMI43 Lt. Copper-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm
No longer available

MMI44 Purple-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm
No longer available

MMI57 Green Iris-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

MMI7 Lemon Iris-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

NERO Black-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

O20 Aqua-10/lg,20/sm-Open Boxes

O73 Pink-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

O84 Melon-10/lg,20/sm-open boxes

OZ29 Clay-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

SILVER Silver-***SEE M1***
No longer available

Z157 Jeans Metallic

Z54 Denim-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

103 Yellow-10/lg,20/sm Open Boxes

2026 Lemon -10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

2036 Jade-10pc/Lg, 20pc/Sm

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