These are the Universal Care Symbols used by yarn manufacturers around the world.
Basic Symbols
  Tub - Washing instructions.
  Triangle - Bleaching instructions.
  Square - Machine drying instructions.
  Iron - Ironing and pressing.
  Circle - Dry-cleaning.
  Tub with Hand - Hand washable.
  Tub with 40 degrees - Machine washable in lukewarm water.
  Tub with 100 degrees - Machine washable in hot water.
  Tub X'd Out - Do not machine wash.
  Triangle - Chlorine bleach per directions on label.
  Triangle X'd Out - Do not use chlorine bleach.
  Square with Line - Dry flat. Do not use dryer.
  Square with Circle - Machine dryer.
  Iron with 1 dot - Cool iron.
  Iron with 2 dots - Warm iron.
  Iron with 3 dots - Hot iron.
  Iron X'd Out - Do not iron..
  Circled A - Dry-cleanable with Any solvent.
  Circled P - Dry-cleanable with any solvent except trichloethylene.
  Circled F - Dry-cleanable with fluorcarbon or petroleum solvents only.
  Circled X - Do not dry clean.
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