Discontinued yarns

If you are looking for that ball of yarn to finish a project and cannot find it,
check the yarn locator on the yarn page below or call us.  We may be able to help.
Trendsetter Yarns has produced a translation table for each of our discontinued yarns.  If you have a pattern that lists a yarn that you cannot find, download this PDF file to find a replacement yarn that should be suitable.  You will need to test gauge and adjust for yardages.  Click Here

Fantasy Fatigues Feltro (Felting Wool) Feltro Disegno
Feltro Print Feltro Spectra Filosophy Fine Degrade
Finesse Fiore Firefly Fireworks
Fjord Fleur Folio Fortezza
Freestyle Freespirit Fresco Frivola
Frontier Funky Fusione FWF

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