Welcome to Trendsetter Direct Online Kits. This is a new part of Trendsetter Yarns and we are proud to announce the beginning of what will continue to be a connection between you, your LYS and us. We are coming up on our 35th anniversary and our goal, from the start, has been to keep our yarns and patterns connected through the retail stores. We've done this through special store events, online zoom classes, trunk shows and industry venues. We are adding this new component.

Every two weeks, we will introduce a few new kits to our collection along with sizes, shapes, details and color options. Kits will be noted if the yarn is not currently in stock. When you purchase the kit, we ask that you tell us which store you shop with.  This is optional.  We will ship the kit directly to you and we will include your selected store with credit. None of your online purchase information will leave our office. We are not looking to bypass the stores. We are working to offer you more than all of the stores can carry and deliver. Enjoy Trendsetter Direct Kits. We look forward to inspiring you and to working with you and your LYS.

Your purchase is handled through PayPal using your Paypal account or Credit Card so it is completely secure.
Simply click on the picture below and see more detailed information about your selection.

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Cool Merino & Cheerleader Vertical Eyelet Cardigan

Gemini & Cheerleader Dropped Waffle Wrap

Cheerleader Open Eyelet Scarf

Celebrate 2-Row Multi Directional T-Top

Celebrate & Wisdom Slipped Reversible Triangles Shawl

Alfa Striped Wave A-Line Swing V-Pullover

Alfa Wave Cable Shawl Style V Cardigan

Alfa Mosaic Cardigan

Ecopuno Pullover

Ecopuno & Ecopuno Hand Dye Striped Cross Front Cardigan

Ecopuno Solid/Tweed Striped Triangle Shawl

Ecopuno & Silkhair Center Rib Pullover

Silkhair Lux & Cin Cin Spit Lace Diamond Wrap

Maldives, Blink & Cin Cin Bordered A-Line Cardigan

Diversa & Silkhair Print Ribbed Wave Eyelet Wrap

Silkhair Print, Facade & Cin Cin Rounded Shoulder Cozy

Facade & Silkhair Print Double Zig Zag Wrap/Poncho

Merino 8 Cabled Poncho

Cool Merino Degrade' Slipped Cardigan/Wrap/Triangle

Avio & Cool Merino Pullover

Silkhair Scarf

Colorissimo and Silkhair Shawl

Ecopuno Granny Square Striped Square/Triangle

Crochet Striped Boxes Cardigan

Cool Merino Big Cabled Cardigan

Kinsale & Ecopuno Tweed Ribbed Pullover

Cool Merino Big Aran Cardigan

Kinsale & Stride Zig Zag Streaked A-Line Cardigan

Diversa Box Stitch Trim Wrap

Gomitolo Dipinto Stairstep Eyelet Wrap

Gemini Striped Pocket Pullover

Cardiff Cashmere Classic Angled Striped Wrap

Cardiff Classic Vertical Wave Cowl or Scarf

Cheerleader & Tiger Short Row Angular Lace Border Shawl

Merino 6 Slip Brick Scarf

Avio & Cool Merino Big Raglan Hooded Pullover

Avio Wrap

Avio Coat

Kinsale Classic A-Line Cardigan w/Fan Lace Collar

Kinsale & Silkhair Quilted and Collared Wrap

Vector & Soffio Stair Step Side to Side Cardigan

Vector and Soffio Pullover

A.M. Cashmere Fine & Celebrate Arrow Swing Jacket

Pavlova & Silkhair Print color Striped Cadigan

Colorissimo & Soffio Striped Diagonal Scarf/Wrap

Indulge & Soffio Tunisian Crochet Scarf/Wrap

Stride & Indulge Cabled Cardigan

Indulge Mistake Rib Pullover

Celebrate ABCD Scarf

Vector Wild Fan Scarf(Wrap,Throw)

Basis Ribbed Cardigan

Basis & Ecopuno Pocket Cardigan

Spessottile & Dodici Edge Cardigan

Spessottile & Alfa Striped Cardigan

Stride & Teddy Bear classic Cardigan

Cheerleader & Stride Diagonal Eyelet Wrap

Blink Domino Eyelet Cardigan

Tiger Wide Striped Classic V-Pullover

Lala Cloudy Hooded Pullover.

Lala Cloudy 3-Color Scarf

Cool Wool Big HD and Silkhair HD Scarf

Allora Hand Dye Shawl

Ecopuno & Ecopuno HD Scarf

Ecopuno Hand Dye Top

Meilenweit 50 Merino Jam Socks

Peru Tweed Striped Rib Oversize Pullover

Roma Scroll Wave Pattern Cardigan

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