Trendsetter Yarns was founded in 1988 by Myrna Klein and her son Barry Klein. Their vision was to create and distribute yarns for knitters, crocheters, and weavers with a focus on setting trends through innovative patterns, creative design features and fibers that are inspirational.

Almost three decades later, Trendsetter Yarns continues to pride itself on its creativity, timely delivery, and friendly staff. Trendsetter Yarns is now the sole U.S. distributor for Lana Grossa, Cardiff Cashmere, and Rooster Yarns.

Meet our Staff (in order of years of service)
Barry Klein

Trendsetter started as a dream. My mother and I wanted to bring the most exciting, creative, innovative and trendsetting yarns to the U.S. yarn market. After 30 years, I believe weíve done just that. When asked what I do for a living, I say ďIím the luckiest person in the world. My job is different every day. I get to be creative in designing yarn and knitwear always looking for a new texture, color or way to generate something wearable. I get to travel the world looking for new yarns. I get to teach knitting on Television and write books on knitting. I get to teach knitting on cruise ships, riverboats and at conventions around the globe. Most of all, I get to express my love for what I do every day because my clients are my friends and the people I teach and meet all become part of my knitting family. What truly expresses luck is to see that my staff backs my company and loves what we do as much as I do.Ē
Maggie Nunez

Iíve been working at Trendsetter Yarns since 1992. They like to tease me that Iím the oldest working person at Trendsetter but in truth Iím simply working here the longestÖ.25 years and counting.  I am in charge of the yarn sample room. I make all the color cards for our reps, for our customers and for the trade shows. I keep the showroom up to date and make sure that everything we exhibit and show is current.  When you need a skein of yarn I can help locate it!  I love to knit and crochet so working here is like working in a candy shop.
Heidi Berger

In 1997 I came to Trendsetter Yarns looking for a short term job, and after all these years Iím still here. When I started, there were only three of us --- our family has grown over the years.  As office manager, I oversee that the daily customer operations run smoothly from orders to trunk shows to inventory control and invoicing. During my years at Trendsetter Iíve worked directly with Barry at all TNNA trade shows, our knitting cruises and some of our in store events, getting the opportunity to come face to face with the people I talk to. 
Anita Bivens

You never know how you come to work for a company. When Trendsetter leased their current facility 2002, I was working for the previous tenant.  Myrna and Barry came in, I showed them around and we quickly became family. Iíve been working at Trendsetter with all of the Sales Agents and all parts of customer service in office and am in charge of receivables.  I have been taking lessons on kniting from Grace, What fun!!
Cesar Salamanca

Starting at Trendsetter in 2003, I came to work in the warehouse managing everything that is shipped out and received in. From making sure that the shelves are fully stocked to ensuring that everything that leaves here is perfect, my job keeps me busy. No matter how many times a day Iím interrupted, everyone at Trendsetter knows that they can count on me and we always work together as a team. If they canít find me at my packing table, they can hear me whistling, laughing or singing my favorite song as I keep the warehouse in tip top shape.
Craig Sobel

My background is in public accounting as a CPA for 12 years then I spent another 10 years installing computers, training companies to use the software for bookkeeping and inventory control.  Trendsetter was one of my clients.  With my extensive background in technology, I hired on to be the CFO and the IT person.  My other responsibilities are the web site and computer systems.  I have worked to customized the site and software to enable Trendsetter to accommodate our customersí unique needs. When Iím not working Iím an avid softball player and woodworker, building both turned art and furniture.
Grace Anapolsky

I have been working in the yarn industry since 2004, starting as a shop girl at a tiny local yarn store and worked my way up and eventually became a full-time knitwear designer and knitting instructor.  In early 2016, I was fortunate enough to join the Trendsetter team as the Director of Marketing. My main focus here is to head the companyís growth in digital media and re-branding.  I have also introduced and am the creative evil genius behind our new little kit collections as well as our new KAL (knit along) adventures! Make sure you keep an eye out for those fun and exciting things!
I love my job because I get to come to a warehouse full or yarn almost every day and imagine endless possibilitiesÖ sometimes they even let me play with the yarn!!! When Iím not at Trendsetter Iím usually teaching a local knitting class, working on a new pattern and binge watching TV (yes, at the same time!!!), or cooking something strange and delicious. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram.
Danielle Bauke

I have been an avid knitter since the age of 10. To me, knitting is a mindfulness exercise that can be just as beneficial as meditation or yoga. Physically knitting is a peaceful, restorative process and it also produces the self-satisfied feeling of creating a beautiful piece of art that carries on long after the project is finished. After studying Art and Government at St. Lawrence University, I was drawn to putting my knowledge towards the yarn industry. I joined the Trendsetter team as the Social Media Manager where I work to boost the brand identity, awareness and reputation of Trendsetter Yarns. If I could be a knitted product, I would be a lace shawl! They are so fun to make, and even more fun to wear out on the town.

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