Patterns containing yarn='M6'

JSS-99 Bronte Skirt

JSS-97 Piazza Intarsia Vest

JSS-95 Fan Dancer

JSS-94 Button Back Cardigan

JSS-9 Merino 6 Celtic Cross Blazer

JSS-81 Digits Vest

JSS-77 Fan Bell Jacket

JSS-76 Miami Deco Drape

JSS-73 Coco Shawl Cardigan

JSS-72 BB A-line long cardi-fall clrs

JSS-67 Merino 6 Mitre Vee Coat

JSS-66 Merino 6 Harlequin Vest

JSS-64 M6-Mitered Skirt

JSS-60 Merino 6 Danny Cardigan

JSS-6 Merino 6 Carnaby Coat/Tunic

JSS-59 Merino 6 Patchwork Cardigan

JSS-56 Cocoa Multi Yarn Cardigan

JSS-53 Merino 6 Mitred "V" Capelet

JSS-50 Merino 6 Mitered Drape Vest-Citrus

JSS-5 Merino 6 Mitered V Capelet

JSS-49 Merino 6 Coco Panel Fitted Jacket

JSS-43 Merino 6 & Tootsie Sideways Striped Cardigan

JSS-4 Merino 6 Mitered Trim Cape-Wine/Green/Red

JSS-27 Claudia Cardigan

JSS-23 Merino 6 Coco Diam. Skirt

JSS-22 Merino 6 Victoria Smock

JSS-18 Merino 6 Coco Miter Box Cardigan

JSS-16 Merino 6 Boxes Drape

JSS-128 Zig Zag Vest

JSS-127 Mitered Tally Ho Cardigan

JSS-126 Amelia 2 Color Swagger

JSS-123 Mitered Step Cowl - Merino 6

JSS-122 Amelia (M6)

JSS-120 Merino 6 Woven Basket Jacket

JSS-116 Merino 6 Buckingham Vest

JSS-115 Merino 6 Jester Vest

JSS-112 Indie Jacket

JSS-11 Merino Sei Moss St. & Cables Dress

JSS-103 Tuscany Mitered Vest

JSS-102 Pavlova Jacket

JSS-100 Shannon Kimono

FRC-35 Merino Dodici Oversize Wrap

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6100V Gomitolo Molto & Merino 6 Garter Ridge Jacket

Download $7.50 Retail

6100K Merino 6 & Icon Slipped Stripe Cardigan

Download $7.50 Retail

5901M Merino 6 & La Furla Cabled Scarf

Download $7.50 Retail

5700P Icon & Merino 6 Tied Scarf Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

5700O Merino 6 & Fleur Striped V Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

5700A Icon & Merino 6 Boxed/Stripe Pullover

Download $7.00 Retail

5500L Merino 6 & Silkhair Lusso Ballet Pullover

Download $7.00 Retail

5302T Merino 6 & Cinque Multi Alternating Stripe Vest

Download $7.00 Retail

5302Q Cinque Multi & Merino 6 Mitered Box Jacket

Download $7.00 Retail

5202H Cinque Multi & Merino 6 Patchwork Scarf

Download $7.00 Retail

4902H Merino 6 Crocheted Scarf

Download $7.00 Retail

4901M Merino 6 Striped Zig Zag A-Line Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

4901L Merino 6 Striped Box Plaid Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

4802J Merino 6 Solstice Shawl

Download $7.00 Retail

4705C Merino 6 Woven Lattice Vest

Download $7.00 Retail

4705A Summit & Merino 6 Reversible Pullover

Download $7.00 Retail

4702H KidSeta Merino 6 & Grace Ruffled Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

4702F Kid Chic/M6 Cabled Ballerina Pullover-Silver

Download $7.00 Retail

4701G Versailles & Merino 6 Cabled Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

4505B M6 & KidSeta Cabled Cardigan & Scarf

Download $7.00 Retail

4504L M6, KidSeta & Luna Striped Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

4504J M6 Kidseta & Luna Ruffled Strip Scarf

Download $7.00 Retail

4504A M6, Kidseta & Luna Striped Pullover

4103I Merino 6 Slip Brick Scarf

Download $7.00 Retail

4101I Sierra & Merino 6 Vertical Striped Pullover

Download $7.00 Retail

3907C Merino 6 Alexa Striped Dress

Download $7.00 Retail

3907B Tamara Merino 6 2-Color Vest

Download $7.00 Retail

3905A Merino 6 Fun With Color Box Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

3902B Merino 6 & Harley Striped Pullover

Download $7.00 Retail

3901A Tonalita Nightlife & Merino 6 Entrelac Jacket

Download $7.00 Retail

3807H M6 Sideways Ribbed/Cabled Butterfly

Download $7.00 Retail

3805D Cha Cha & Merino 6 Cabled Trumpet Scarf

Download $7.00 Retail

3705B Bentley & Merino 6 Striped Cardigan

Download $7.00 Retail

3546 Merino 6 Cabled Lace Shoulder Wrap

Download $7.00 Retail

2925 M6 Pink Ribbed Zippered Pullover

This yarn appears on at least one pattern in each book listed below. Click picture to explore.


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