Swing Swagger & Drape

By Jane Slicer-Smith
Photography by Alexis Zenakis

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Kits produced of the Swing Swagger & Drape collection are shipped without patterns.
Patterns and knitting instructions are contained in the book.  Some of the kits are not available because one or more colors of the yarn on no longer available.  We can help you choose new colors.  Please give our offices a call if you wish to order one of these kits.  818-780-5497.

Stripe & Bobble Metro
 Swing length Coat
Page 3

Stripe & Bobble Metro
Swing length Coat
Page 5

Metro Fanfare
Page 8

Metro Block
Page 7

Stripe & Bobble Metro
 A-Line length Coat
Page 5

Stripe & Bobble Metro
 A_Line length Coat
Page 6

Jindabyne A-Line Coat
Page 19

Stripe Jacket
Page 22

Harlequin Vest
Page 28

Harlequin 3 color Swagger Coat
Page 30

Harlequin 2 color Swagger Coat
Page 33

Harlequin 3-Color Swing Coat
Page 35

Harlequin Vest
Page 43

Coco Vee
Page 49
Garment made from Merino Shadow and Tonalita.  Tonalita is not available

Coco Vee
Page 51
Tonalita is not available

Mitre Vee - Currawong
Page 52

Mitre Vee -
Blue Jay, Rosella, Owl, Peahen
Page 55

Boxes Drape
Page 58
Tonalita is not available

Boxes Drape
Page 60

Page 63

Page 67

Greta Swagger
Page 68

Greta A-Line
Page 69
Merino Shadow is not available

Greta Vest
Page 77
Kashmir is not available

Greta Orbit Vest
Page 77

Greta Orbit Vest
Page 82

Drop Stitch Jacket
Page 87

Drop Stitch Tunic in Fuchsia
Page 92
Bali not available

Drop Stitch Tunic in Turquoise
Page 92

Drop Stitch Skirt
Page 97

Lava Jacket
Page 100

Lava Drape
Page 102

Lava Sweater
Page 105

Deco Drape
Page 119

Deco Jacket
Page 121

Orbit Sweater
Page 134

Small Intarsia Purse
Page 140
Drop Stitch Scarf
Page 149
Pattern Correction

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